ALGIECEL Newsletter Q2 2022 – ALGIECEL opens carbon capture pilot plant at the Danish Technological Institute

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Last week we celebrated the opening of the mobile ALGIECEL pilot plant at the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, Denmark.  

The day was dedicated to the green transition and sustainability. The opening was a great success with more than 70 participants celebrating ALGIECELs development of a mobile container-based photobioreactor with which photosynthesizing microalgae allow the conversion of COinto biomass.

Pilot opening ceremony at Teknologisk Institut
From the left: Jens Nielsen, CEO of BioInniovation Institute / Juan Farré, CEO of Danish Technological Institute (TI) / Henrik Busch-Larsen, CEO of Algiecel / Anne Maria Hansen, Innovation Director at TI  

CEO Juan Farré from the Danish Technological Institute stated that “the opening  marks the establishment by the Danish Technological Institute of an ecosystem giving start-up companies access to an integrated platform of testing and demonstration facilities within the space of future foods and the green transition”.

Earlier this year the BioInnovation Institute invested in ALGIECEL and during the opening ceremony Jens Nielsen, the CEO of BII, kindly remarked “I am impressed to see how rapid Algiecel has advanced and is now initiating experiments at pilot scale. But speed is unfortunately important as we rapidly need new technologies like the ones Algiecel is providing to make sure that we can create a sustainable society. I congratulate them with their advancements, and I will be looking much forward to follow them in the years to come”.

The ALGIECEL solution has been made mobile and can thus easily be installed at e.g. biogas or fermentation plants where CO2 emissions can be matched by a number of installed ALGIECEL photobioreactors.

Henrik Busch-Larsen, the founder and CEO of ALGIECEL said; ”The world is facing a green transition. We need to rethink how we produce those products we all take for granted in our everyday lives. CO2 emissions from industrial processes must be reduced, new technology and methods must be developed so that the green transition affects our industries and thus our society as softly, or should we say, as effectively as possible.
We at Algiecel have seen the need to deliver such technology, a technology which contributes to making the transition as easy and cost-effective as possible. Technology enabling that carbon capture can be delivered as a service”.

CEO Henrik Busch-Larsen will speak at Folkemødet (Peoples Meeting)

On Friday 17th June at 12:15, as part of the Danish Business Chambers Panel on Bio Solutions, Henrik Busch-Larsen and other actors within the BioSolutions space will discuss how BioSolutions hold the potential of becoming a major Danish export opportunity.

See the program here:

Four new members of ALGIECEL´s advisory board

Jens Odgaard Olsson is cand.econ.agro from the of University of Copenhagen, dept. of Life Sciences. He comes with 20+ years of experience in agricultural value chains, consulting companies such as Arla Foods, Carlsberg, Pernod Ricard, Lantmännen.
Stephan Freyer is senior research manager and head of bioprocess development at BASF. He has a Ph.D in fermentation, media optimization and modelling, with 29 years of experience in BASF. 
Michael Stannius worked with different aspects of industrial production and digitalisation since 1998 in companies like Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, NNE and Unibio.
Per Møller, Senior Symbiosis Developer at Kalundborg Symbiosis, comes with a background in marine biology, chemical engineering and valuable experience in the facilitation of industrial symbiosis.

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