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Securing CO2 Neutrality


Our goal is to remove millions of tonnes of CO2 annually from industrial production without hurting our clients´ bottom lines


We are born global, but our values are deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture. We play by the rules, we are open, honest and transparent. We consider us part of a global ecosystem that needs to thrive to allow all subsystems to thrive, too. We are inclusive of those who respect us and those who seek collaboration with us.

We work lean and pledge to keep costs low, only allowing overhead to grow when our success allows it.

ALGIECEL uses natural microalgae organisms, a highly compact and high-yield photobioreactor technology fitted into standard shipping containers and a new revenue-sharing business model to offer carbon capture as a service

ALGIECEL was founded in mid-2021 and has undergone a high-paced development process. A core team of highly skilled people has been established, and a pilot design project has been completed in close collaboration with skilled partners such as RobLight A/S, Böhme ApS and AN Group. Furthermore, a collaboration agreement has been signed with the Danish Technological Institute (TI) with the Danish Technological Institute (TI), and the pilot photobioreactor unit is currently under construction.


On the commercial side of the business, interest in the technology and the opportunity has been positive, demonstrated by LOI’s signed by potential clients to the technology such as biogas plants, as well as by potential buyers of the derivative products such as aquafeed producers.

The company is looking into a very exciting 2022, when the pilot unit will be installed at TI in Taastrup, Denmark, and data from the unit is expected. ALGIECEL will seek to expand the organization and work towards finding the ideal scaling partner for the upcoming demonstration-scale project.

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