Securing CO2 Neutrality

ALGIECEL has been founded to take part in the challenge of transforming today´s CO2 emissions into feasible business opportunities

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Microalgae Cultivation
– Easily scalable with modular photobioreactors

ALGIECEL transforms CO2 emissions and LED light into microalgae biomass and oxygen.
The company has developed a plug & play photobioreactor that can be stacked and packed as it fits into standard shipping containers. The reactor is easily installable and requires little technical know-how from small and mid-size industrial clients.

Carbon Capture as a service

The company has designed a novel business model that transforms the cost challenge of CO2 removal into a profitable business opportunity across the entire value chain through revenue sharing from the microalgae biomass and carbon credit sales.

Business Segments

Key Client Markets

Biogas Sector

Fermentation Sector

ALGIECEL´s primary target markets for the application of the photobioreactor are the biogas and fermentation sectors. In these fast-growing industries many sites are too small for large Power-to-x projects to reduce CO2 emissions. Here, ALGIECEL aspires to help in solving the CO2 challenge with our modular carbon capture technology and revenue sharing business model.

Key Microalgae Biomass Markets

Microalgae Oil

Microalgae oil is rich in omega-3 and can be applied as a sustainable alternative to fish oil in the food supplement market.

Microalgae Biomass

Microalgae biomass is rich in protein, omega-3 and other nutrients and can be applied as a valuable feed ingredient in aquaculture.

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