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We’re thrilled to announce that Gemma Almató Bellavista, a Chemical Engineering master’s student at DTU – Technical University of Denmark, has successfully completed her master’s thesis in collaboration with ALGIECEL! Over the past six months, under the guidance of supervisors Ditte Baun Hermund, Emil Gundersen, and Adane Tilahun Getachew, Gemma has delved into optimizing post-harvest processing methods for #omega-3 rich #microalgae oil.

The project involved testing various drying methods, cell opening techniques, and oil extraction processes to enhance quantity and quality. Specifically, the focus was on evaluating #EPA and #chlorophyll levels in crude microalgae oil, while closely monitoring oxidation throughout each stage.

We’re proud to share that Gemma’s experiments have uncovered promising insights, with spin flash drying emerging as a standout option for continuous microalgae drying, with minimal impact on oil quality.

This is a great step for #Algiecel and our further development of #natural and #sustainable microalgae-based ingredients. We thank Gemma a lot for the collaboration and wish her the best of luck in the future!

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